• Cassandra Moriarty

DIY Crustless Freezer Sandwiches

Today is the last day of school before the boys are out for summer... this means that I will hear the non-stop "Mom I'm hungry" & "there's nothing to eat". Lastnight I decided to get a head start on some handy summer lunch and snack meals.

I purchased a $30 vacuum sealer and $8 sandwich cutter/sealer on Amazon. My expectations weren't very high but they both did great.

Gather you supplies and get to work...

Cut the bread peices before applying your filling as you will need to leave an empty border.

Seal the edges of the bread and package.

Vacuum seal if desired.


Tips I learned the hard way

• Do NOT over vacuum, it will make you giggle if you do.

• Condiments go between the meat & cheese

• Get the correct size bags so that you don't have to make them smaller!!!

• Jelly/Jam goes between the peanut butter. PB is the barrier or else the jelly soaks through the bread.

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