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Mindset over Body Image

Updated: May 5

Mind.Body.Spirit ~ In that order

Having a healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit is the ultimate yet achievable goal for a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Body image has truly been a struggle, an ongoing struggle for me since those awkward teen years. I have always been self-conscious of my body every before having children. The most valuable lesson I have learned over the years is that you have to get your mind right in order to accept your outward appearance. Once you reach that point you can then move forward.

Learning to replace the negative thoughts in our mind is easier said than done. It is a process and will take a different amount of time for each individual. Learning to replace our stresses and worries with the positives in our lives can help us move forward with our overall health. Sometimes we will fall back into our old thought process and thats ok, now we know that it is possible to move forward again.

Once you know how to get your mind right it will be easier to work on your body. Due to my struggles with my body image over the years I can attest to the importance of of getting one's Mind Right first. I can now see that my desire for a "Rockin Body" was coming from all the wrong places!


Somewhere over the last couple years I learned to put more positive thoughts in my head. As a result I chose to work on some health concerns opposed to vanity issues. You see, after 4 children and many life obstacles I have struggle with some pretty big weight fluctuations.

My goal became to address some major health concerns that could be a major downfall to my overall health in the future. At the time of this writing I am down over 60 lbs since this time last year. I am no longer diabetic, no longer have high cholesterol, & my dose of thyroid medication was able to be decreases... the positive effects of all this has caused me to be in better spirits.

The key is to focus on the inside, the outside will follow.

For example: If you are aiming to improve your overall cardiac health, your focus should be on a heart healthy diet and exercise. Doing these two things should ultimately improve your outward appearance as a result.


Spiritual or emotional health comes easier when you have worked on your mind and body. When your spirtual health is in check you will have more meaning in life. You can love and allow yourself to be loved. Remember spiritual health can look different for each person. For me, I can now look at my flaws with compassion rather than disgust.

I am very proud of the progress that I have made with my overall health at this point. I now feel that I can continue towards my long-term body & health goals without fear that I am making these choices for the wrong reasons.

The quest for a healthy Mind, Body, & Spirt is an ongoing process.


* The photo above was taken by me atop Mt. Erie, truly a place to get your mind right!


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